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2017 - Present
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Digestate Management Pipework

We have carried out a number of jobs for Severn Trent Green Power on their sites across the UK to help them manage digestate produced by their anaerobic digestion operations. These sites have included the following scopes of work –

  • Fabricate & lay HDPE pipework and valved take off points under public highway including excavation & reinstatement to enable pumped distribution of digestate from storage lagoons to farmland separated by public highways in multiple locations across South Wales.
  • Fabricate & lay HDPE pipework and valved take off points using directional drilling under public highway in Hertfordshire to enable pumped distribution of digestate from storage lagoon to farmland separated by public highway.

In all cases, the relevant licences and permissions were obtained from the local authority highways department by Haywards and the entire process was managed by us from concept to completion. In the case of the project in Hertfordshire, the use of trenchless technology in the form of directional drilling, meant that the pipe was installed with minimum disruption to the public and other site users.

In addition to works in the public highway, we have also carried out works such as modifications to a lagoon loadout bay including core drilling, fabrication of pipework, installation of valves & pipe supports to enable multiple tanker operation at a Severn Trent Green Power site in Berkshire.

Working for customers other than Severn Trent Green Power we have also carried out installation of various items of process pipework (both planned and reactive works) such as digestate, recirculate, separation and biogas as well as carried out tank modifications including roof repairs and installation of viewing windows.

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Each underground pipe crossing can save thousands of tanker movements and CO2 emissions and enables a much more efficient spreading operation which benefits both Severn Trent Green Power and their farming partners.

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